Cape Cod Center for Sustainability
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Cape Cod Community College
Students for Sustainability

Next Meeting: April 20th, 2004, 4 PM
Library Conference Room

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Poster Committee: Peg O'Neill, Simon Miner, and Terri Smith

Club Officers:
President: Terri Smith
Vice President: Simon Miner
Treasurer/Secretary: Alison Call

Mission Statement:
“Sustainability is continued economic and social development which does not cause damage to the environment and natural resources. Our mission is to educate students, faculty, staff, and the Cape community about such issues and encourage community involvement.”

Purpose Statement:
Students for Sustainability is a social organization focused around the concept of Sustainability. In a sustainable world, we imagine society would celebrate cultural diversity and increase the biological diversity and complexity of the ecosystems on which we all depend. Simultaneously, we would have stabilized population and resource consumption at a level that is within the carrying capacity of Earth's ecosystems. To attain this, we must reinvent the world socially, economically and environmentally. At Cape Cod Community College, Students for Sustainability will integrate this philosophy with the current socio-economic and environmental issues of our community. It is our goal to educate students and faculty and implement these ideas into the curriculum as much as possible.

Are you a Student for Sustainability? This new club is now in an organizational process. Passionate Cape Cod Community College students in the arts, sciences, technical, and other fields of study will find opportunities for creativity and networking. The goal is to bring our human activities into balance with our wondrous natural environment, and to promote sustainability on campus and Cape Cod, for healing and for a bright future.
Interested? Contact Teri at

Benefits of participation:

  • Getting on board a world-wide movement that is gaining momentum with each new day and is becoming an industry in itself
  • Prestige, Net working, Satisfaction
  • Possibilities for global connections
  • Participating in an effort that has connections to Cape Cod Community College intentions
  • Contributing to this web page to express sustainability concerns and display relevant graphics
  • Meaningful work and a practical approach to helping the plants and animals of our natural world
  • Working together to shape the group's structure and projects

Enrolled Cape Cod Community College students are eligible.

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How do Cape Codders Help
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A Personal Toolkit by Sarah James
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The Cape Cod Center for Sustainability

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Race Point Sunset by Mark Preu
Race Point Sunset
Photo by Mark Preu


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