Cape Cod Center for Sustainability
 Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA

Megan Amsler, Executive Director of Self-Reliance, with her daughter, Maiya Pamela Robinson

What quality of life will Cape Cod offer when Maiya Robinson is all grown up?

You can help!
When you become a member of the Cape Cod Center for Sustainability, you participate in an effort to create the best possible quality of life for ourselves and future generations.

Sustainability, by definition, acts as a guardian angel for the children of the present and the future. Residents of Cape Cod's unique communities have an opportunity to thoughtfully go forward in a nurturing manner, to protect the Cape's natural beauty and to enhance its social and economic sectors.
Paticipate and support this effort to bring benefits in quality of life, for present and future generations.

Student Member: $15.00
Regular Member: $30.00
Supporting Member: $75.00
Family Member: $40.00
Patron: $100.00
Sustaining Member $250.00
Corporate Member $1000.00
Additional Contribution @ $_______

First Name:
Last Name:

Please fill out, print, and send this form, along with a check made payable to Cape Cod Center.
Send by U.S. mail to:

Cape Cod Center for Sustainability
259 Willow Street, Yarmouth Port, MA 02675


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Rugosa Roses Photo by Mark Preu  

How do Cape Codders Help
to Sustain Cape Cod?

A Personal Toolkit by Sarah James
Become A Member of the Center
Very Practical Links
Freebies to Inn Keepers from Groundwater Guardians; Stop the flow of catalogues; Sustainable Seafood; Get Around Cape Cod without a Car, and more...



The Cape Cod Center for Sustainability

259 Willow Street Yarmouthport, MA 02675
Telephone: (508) 778-6313
Contact Allen Larson, President,
Cape Cod Center for Sustainability


Race Point Sunset by Mark Preu
Race Point Sunset
Photo by Mark Preu


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