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The Role of 
Public Diplomacy
in the Evolution
of United States–China
Relations, 1972
through 2002

I.  The Getting-to-
Know-You Years, 
1972 through 1979

II.  1980 through 2000:
The Years of Explosive
Growth in Travel,
 Investment, Commerce, 
and Cross-Cultural
Study and Language

III.  Todays United States
China Interdependence:
Lessons Learned and Their
Application to the Current
United States
Islam Divide


One China or Two?

Perspectives on Foreign Policy





Asia Society

China Online

The China Quarterly, School of Oriental and African Studies, United Kingdom


The Complete Reference to China/Chinese-Related Web Sites

Council on Foreign Relations

Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the United States

Foreign Affairs Magazine (published by the Council on Foreign Relations)

Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS)

National Committee on American Foreign Policy

Taiwan and One-China Issue.

United States--China Policy FoundationWashington, D.C. 

U.S. Institute for Peace, The United States Institute of Peace is an independent, nonpartisan federal institution created by Congress to promote the prevention, management, and peaceful resolution of international conflicts.



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