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Blogs on the War in Iraq 

See also From the Front Lines of the Reconstruction Effort in Iraq.

The latest news on the war against terror can be found most quickly at the U.S. Department of Defense Web site.  

Another informative Web site for war news is the U.S. Department of Defense Defend America Web page.

The Arab Gateway ( is an exceptional comprehensive site on the Arab world, written by an American.












Blogs by Iraqis

From John Fund: "Pentagon officials say that coverage of Iraq's liberation and its aftermath was made richer by military bloggers who provided on-scene commentary that even journalists embedded with the U.S. military also appreciated. One Marine's blog report that the Arab TV channel al-Jazeera was paying people to shoot at U.S. troops was read by military officers and led to arrests. Salam Pax, a pseudonymous Baghdad blogger, toured his city with ABC's Ted Koppel for an episode of Nightline and has since landed a book deal."

Hammorabi:  "Iraq--the past, present, and future of the Cradle of Civilization."

Healing Iraq:  "Daily news and comments on the situation in post- Saddam Iraq, by an Iraqi dentist."

Iraq the Model: "In response to some e-mails asking me to give some information about who I am, my background, where I live...etc., I'm posting this piece of info. Actually we are three brothers, working together on this blog.

     Mohammed: 34 years old, dentist/single/graduated from Baghdad University in 1995. Left his job six years ago because he refused to serve in Saddam's army, and now back to work in Samawa City in the southwest part of Iraq. Interests: poetry, reading (history, religions, philosophy and politics).

     Ali: 33 years old, doctor/single/graduated from Baghdad University in 1995. Left his job for three years for the same reason [that Mohammed left his job], then did the military service after losing hope, just to go on with his career.  Now working in Baghdad as a senior resident and studying to become a pediatrician. Interests: chess, reading (history, parapsychology, politics, and novels).

     Omar (I'm the one responsible for the publishing and Internet work): 23 years old, dentist/single/graduated from Baghdad University in 2002. Saved from the military service only by God and the coalition. Now working in Baghdad. Interests: music, sports (martial arts), reading (novels), and now blogging.  We were all born in Baghdad and are still living here."

Iraq Now:  "News and Commentary from Jason Van Steenwyk, the Nattering Nabob of Nebuchadnezzar."

The Mesopotamian:  "To bring one more Iraqi voice of the silent majority to the attention of the world." 

Riverbend:  (Baghdad Burning) "Girl blog from Iraq:  Let's talk war, politics, and occupation."


Text of Fatwah Urging Jihad against Americans.  Statement signed by Sheikh Usamah Bin-Muhammad Bin-Ladin and other.  February 23, 1998.


Blogs by people outside Iraq

The Belmont Club:  "History and history in the making."

Blogs of War

Boots on the Ground:  "This is about my daily life here in Baghdad, Iraq, as a soldier of the United States Army. My views do not reflect that of the U.S. Military or U.S. Government."

BuzzMachine:  Jeff Jarvis

Dear America:  A excellent site where Iraqis exchange correspondence with Americans and others. 

HobbsOnline:  "HobbsOnline strives to provide reasoned, analytical, in-context coverage of today's world, with a special focus on business & the economy, Tennessee budget & tax politics, religion & culture, the development of blog-based journalism, and the War on Terror." 

Iraqi Bloggers Central:  "An American looks at Iraq and the Iraqi bloggers." An excellent up-to-date central spot from which to read the posts of the most prolific of the Iraqi bloggers.  

Iraq War Reader:  An excellent thought-provoking site. 

JustOneMinute:   "Balanced fare:  We report, you deride."

One Hand Clapping:  By renowned blogger Donald Sensing.  

OxBlog:  "The off-the-cuff political commentary of Josh Chafetz, a 2001 Rhodes Scholar and graduate student in politics at Oxford, David Adesnik, a 2000 Rhodes Scholar and graduate student in international relations at Oxford currently residing in Cambridge, Mass., and Patrick Belton, a graduate student in international relations at Oxford."

Amy Ridenour's National Center Blog  (National Center for Public Policy Research:  "A conservative free-market foundation established in 1982 and located on Capitol Hill.")



To our readers:

We recently received this letter from Betty Kilbride, founder of the Project America Foundation.  We're trying to help get this project off the launch pad, and we hope you will help too: 


Dear Allen,

       I am excited to tell you that I have been invited by the U.S. Marine Corps to join them as an embedded writer/author in Iraq and Kuwait beginning in January 2006.  As you can imagine, this will be a golden opportunity for me not only as a writer but as an American to gain firsthand knowledge and valuable information concerning the issues affecting our armed forces. 

       Why would I accept this invitation, you might ask.  Well, this trip will help me not only in writing the last book in the series of military books I am writing America Divided: The War on Terrorism and Compassion of an American Warrior but it will also give me a better perspective while I am writing the America Unravels: Vietnam, The Untold Story book as well.  Since I have never been to war, I have not been able to draw upon that experience in order to tell these two stories correctly, but now I will be able to do that with better clarity.

       According to the Department of Defense's regulations, embeds must finance their own travel to and from Kuwait. This way there is no issue of propaganda. Normally, embeds are financed by a newspaper or magazine that pays their way for a trip like this, but in my case the financing is on my dime. Unfortunately, the Project America Foundation does not have the excess funds to support this event, and so I must ask for assistance from friends and associates to help me raise the $15,000 it will cost for this trip. These funds will cover the necessary expenses associated with a trip such as this (gear, equipment, film, travel expenses, accidental death insurance, and so on). 

       Anyone who wishes to help can make a tax-deductible donation directly through the Project America Foundation Web site at  or can mail a check to the Project America Foundation, 4201 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 110-392, Arlington, VA 22203.  Donations of any amount, small or large, will be gratefully accepted, and every donation will bring us closer to the financing we need for this project.

       I know that this experience will help me tell the real story of our military, in a positive, informative way that not all authors would be able to do.  With my background of over eighteen years in working with the Marine Corps and other branches of service, I truly can write from the heart in showing the positive side of what these brave men and woman are accomplishing in this war and in others. The media currently are  not showing these accomplishments, nor are they willing to understand and communicate the difficulties these men and women are facing upon their return home from war. Together, with this one trip, we can make more accurate information available to the public.

       I am so excited about this opportunity, and I hope you and your network will be able to assist me in raising these funds quickly. Please let your network know that the names of those who help me will be listed on the Project America Foundation Web site, and a very special mention of your network will be acknowledged in the book itself once it is completed and published. Together we can help our fellow Americans understand what it is like to be in this fight against terrorism and to show the world that our military is a force to be reckoned with.

       If you should need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me as time is short on this one.


       Betty Kilbride
       Founder of Project America Foundation

The Search for International Terrorists Entities (SITE) Institute

The Search for International Terrorist Entities (SITE) Institute: "The Search for International Terrorist Entities (SITE) Institute was founded in response to the growing need to educate the public on matters surrounding terrorism. Our mission is to facilitate the comprehension of the underlying threat of terrorism, the sources of terrorism, and the prevention of terrorism. Working with the media to provide accurate and unbiased information, the SITE Institute has become one of the most respected organizations researching terrorism."




page updated June 25, 2006

The Iraqi Press

Arab Gateway:  Iraqi Media since Saddam

Iraq Today: "The Independent Voice of Iraq" (an English-language weekly).

Iraq-America Freedom Alliance:  "Working together to promote democracy and defeat terrorism."

U.S. Embassy, Baghdad, Iraq

Committee on the Present Danger--  Dedicated to Winning the War on Terrorism:  "The Committee on the Present Danger is dedicated to winning the global war on terrorism. We are a bipartisan organization from the policy, political, academic, business and professional communities committed to resisting and defeating terrorist organizations, ending collusion between rogue regimes and terrorists, and supporting reform in regions that threaten to export terror."


Matt Pottinger, "Mightier Than the Pen, Why I gave up journalism to join the Marines," Wall Street Journal,, December 16, 2005.

Norman Podhoretz, "The Panic Over Iraq," Wall Street Journal, December 12, 2005.