The Anyplace Center for Sustainability


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Dear Organization:

       The Anyplace Center for Sustainability has recognized that yours is among many "sustainability centers" functioning quite capably throughout the region.  We are interested to assist your efforts in that regard by framing such operations more clearly:

  • The chart that is enclosed is an example of an approach you might take in assessing the merits of projects and proposals that come before you. 
  • The brief job description that is included suggests the tasks that an employee could undertake that would further cement in the public's mind the assertion that your sustainability center already acts in a host of ways that sustain the quality of life in Anyplace.  One means of communication that would really help in this regard is a Web site designed to allow for extensive interaction and exchange of information.
  • Finally, the references to other initiatives at the state and federal levels of government recognize the importance of acting sustainably.
       We are interested to discuss with you any of these materials in greater depth and to respond to any questions you may have. We also ask you to define for us what thoughts and interest you have to continue the work as a partner to the Anyplace Center for Sustainability. 



Organization Representative

2004 by Allen Larson.