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The Role of a Sustainability Coordinator


       This staff member would assemble information about any existing departmental programs and the relationship these have to the goal of sustaining both the natural and human resources of our region. In so doing, a sustainability coordinator would inform the public on how the actions of the organization or government agency was working to address problems and set priorities.   


Specific tasks of a sustainability coordinator

Assemble and catalog the sustainability-related data and information that the departments already collect:

    • Assess the data and information in terms of their relationship to the sustainability indicators the organization has identified
    • Facilitate public access to the data and information related to the indicators
    • Define new sustainability indicators and goals, and subsequently priorities, as appropriate
    • Monitor the selected indicators over time for relevancy to the overall goals the organization has set

Define sustainable best practices within the organization or government agency departments:

o   Develop sustainability guidance documents for the organization or government agency

o   Assist the organization or government departments, at their request, in their use of sustainable best practices in their day-to-day operations


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