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How the Internet Can Be Used to Centralize and Track 
Efforts Being Made to Achieve Sustainability


The latest available information on the status of the indicators can be maintained and posted on a Web site.       

A message board on the Web site can be used to assemble ideas on how best to apply sustainability principles to everyday situations.

A Web site can be used to Initiate, coordinate, and track the progress of improvement projects running simultaneously throughout a particular region of interest.  

Surveys and polls can be conducted to gain a sense of public opinion on sustainability issues as they arise.

The latest news in sustainability practices from around the world can be posted on the site.  

Web site’s feedback capability can be used to set up and maintain an e-mail database for establishing follow-up communication with people who have visited the Web site.  

The Web site can be used to maintain a high level of interest in sustainability issues by sending periodic newsletters to the individuals listed in the database.

The Web site can act as a virtual host for regional conferences and forums on sustainability-related issues.

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