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Recent Sustainability Initiatives Undertaken by 
the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Federal Government

The State Sustainability Program was formed by Executive Order No. 438 in July of 2002 to help state agencies minimize the environmental impacts of their operations and activities, and to promote innovative sustainable practices in Massachusetts.  The state's efforts and goals are described in detail on the Web page devoted to this program.  There is also an extensive list of links to excellent resources on the sustainability program Web site.   


The federal government ( exercises its commitment to sustainability in separate programs within its various departments.  The National Parks Service runs the Sustainable Practices and Opportunities Plan (SPOP):

The Department of Energy sponsors the Smart Communities Network, Creating Energy-Smart Communities program:

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) addresses sustainability in many ways, among them its Smart Growth Initiatives program:

The EPA also runs the Product Stewardship program:

For construction projects, the EPA provides advice and resources through its Building for Environment and Economic Sustainability program:

For teachers and students, the EPA provides resources through its Green Communities program:  

A recent addition to the staff in the EPA’s Office of Research and Development (ORD) promises greater cooperation and coordination among the now-scattered federal sustainability efforts:

On July 1, 2003, Dr. Alan Hecht joined EPA’s research office as the Director for Sustainable Development. Dr. Hecht was the White House coordinator for the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development. For the past two years, he was the Director for International Environmental Affairs at the National Security Council and Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) and then as Associate Director for Sustainable Development at CEQ.

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Here is an interesting article called "Facts About Energy Saving Light Bulbs," courtesy of Chandra E. Arthur, Marketing Specialist, Del Mar Fans and Lighting:

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