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       Thank you very much in advance for your willingness to provide time at an upcoming meeting to discuss initiatives we are working on to develop as the Anyplace Center for Sustainability.  We are really looking forward to this opportunity for one fundamental reason:  You are an important "sustainability center" that already works to sustain the region.  When we meet with you, we look forward to the opportunity to define the reasons that lead us to this conclusion.

       In the meantime, we also realize that you are about to undertake an important process of strategic planning that you will conclude before we meet. In this context, we submit to you the following materials useful to your planning process.

       Given that you will consider a wide range of proposals and their relevance to the priorities you set, we submit a "Sustainability Scorecard" that suggests an approach you might take in assessing the merits of the many projects and proposals to come before you. The chart lists indicators to consider in assessing whether an action you may take may affect the region's capacity to act sustainably.

       The brief job description included suggests the tasks that a designated employee might assume that would further cement in the public's mind the sense that you already act in ways that sustain the area.  Communicating this fact would also be enhanced to the extent that a sustainability-dedicated Web site allowed for interaction and exchange of information relevant to the sustainability indicators listed on the chart.  Last, the materials include references to other initiatives at the state and federal levels that are underway in the effort to implement concepts of sustainability. 

       We are interested to discuss with you any of these materials in greater depth.  We are also available to discuss any aspect of how these points relate to your strategic planning process. Thanks.


Organization Representative

2004 by Allen Larson.