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The Role of Public
Diplomacy in the 
Evolution of
United States–China
1972 through 2002


I.  The Getting-to-
Know-You Years, 
1972 through 1979


II.  1980 through 2000: 
The Years of Explosive
Growth in Travel,
Investment, Commerce, 
and Cross-Cultural
Study and Language


III.  Todays United States
China Interdependence:
Lessons Learned and Their
Application to the Current
United States
Islam Divide


One China or Two?



The Role of Public Diplomacy
in the Evolution of
United States–China Relations,
1972 through 2002



A Note about 
the David G. Scanlon 
Lecture Series


Dr. David G. Scanlon came to Cape Cod Community College from Columbia University, where he was a professor of international education and director of Columbias Center for Education in Africa and their Peace Corps Training Program.  He wrote six books dealing with various aspects of international education, and he was a contributor to the Encyclopedia Britannica and the Encyclopedia Americana, writing articles on the history of education in Africa.  

At Cape Cod Community College, Dr. Scanlon served as a professor of history.  He founded the college
s international studies program in 1980, and was the director of international studies until his death in 1990.  In addition to his national leadership in the area of study abroad for community college students through the College Consortium for International Studies, Dr. Scanlon was a founder of the New England-China Consortium, through which he brought Robert Nichols to Cape Cod Community College as a lecturer for the first time.

The David G. Scanlon Scholarship for Peace and Understanding offers funds to a graduating Cape Cod Community College student who best emulates Dr. Scanlons ideals.  Funds from the scholarship are also made available to other students who are participating in the colleges study-abroad programs.

Robert Nichols has requested that his annual lecture series be named in Dr. Scanlons honor.  Contributions may be made to the scholarship fund through the Educational Foundation for Cape Cod Community College. 

Reprinted from the lecture program prepared by the college administration.      


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