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October 2011


SEPTEMBER 11, 2001



The photograph below is one of a series of photographs taken on September 11 and the days following.  This dramatic series comes from a PowerPoint presentation that has been making the rounds on the Internet since 2001.  The remaining 58 close-up photographs can be downloaded to your computer and viewed by clicking here.  The slide series is signed this way:  "Yep, some people just want to forget. I think itís high time these memories are reawakened. How about you? Ron Burch, August 8, 2007."









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Bearing Witness to History, Smithsonian Institute: September 11, 2001, will be remembered as one of the most shocking days in American history. Armed terrorists hijacked four passenger jets and used them as weapons against the United States. The attacks destroyed the World Trade Center, damaged the Pentagon, and killed more than three thousand people. Soon after September 11, the National Museum of American History began collecting objects to document the attacks and their aftermath.

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