No Boundaries: 

Experiments in Pastels

               Pastels to View

The Red Door
      Autumn Abundance

Giraffe Path        Golden Glow

This was a workshop for artists who wanted to experiment with materials and methods to help us break out of our “mold” when we create our pastel paintings.  This was an opportunity for each of us to free ourselves from the bonds of convention, to push the edges of our creativity, to stretch our wings and fly. We tested the limits of our paper, our materials, and our imaginations. Each day, we began with an introduction of materials and methods, including creating textured paper and applying gold leaf. Then we went on to “hands-on” experimenting and applying these techniques to our own work.

A Class Taught by

Lorraine Trenholm

Maine, May 2003

Supplies on hand at the workshop

gold leaf

extended array of pastels


Wallis paper

Canson paper



few other surprises

Supplies brought by the students

photographs for inspiration

tuna cans

any pastel paper students might want to try

some paint brushes, students' own pastels 

a sponge or two, two spray bottles 

turpenoid or paint thinner, rubbing alcohol

scissors, old toothbrush, masking tape

tissues, paper towels

oil paints (optional)

student's own lunch