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February 7, 2005




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The Pulse of Progress at CapeCorps

Matters on the organizational fronts relating to CapeCorps are progressing.   Arleen Ellis has agreed to work as the Interim Executive Director starting as soon as she returns at the end of the month from a vacation.  Arleen's experience working with Computers for Seniors will be very helpful as will her experience working with the Girl Scouts.

We've also reached an agreement with the Cape Cod Technology Council (CCTC)  to share office space at our working office over at Mid-Tech Drive.   CapeCorps will continue to keep its office at the Cape Cod Five bank location as well.  The chance to work with Teresa Martin and the others of the Tech Council will really help us move along in the development of our database and some other overlapping development and administrative matters.  Ed Mangiafico has been key to this effort by meeting with Pat Murphy of the Tech Council to help make sure that we formulate something that works both for the Tech Council and also for CapeCorps through its umbrella organization, the Cape Cod Center for Sustainability.

The Volunteer Expo planning committee is putting together the event in a timely fashion.  Jane Bishop is continuing to succeed in selling exhibit booths, and Chip is facilitating the thoughts rolled into our marketing and advertising strategies.  The Cape Cod Times commitment of advertising support is very valuable again this year, and Ken Borden is working to make sure that it fits with our overall sense of direction and mission.    

Andria Ferrari-Ayer and the ad hoc group putting together a CD Sampler of Cape musicians are progressing well.  The benefit of the CD sales will go to the Red Cross, United Way, March of Dimes, and Cape Corps.   Tony Rain of the Melody Tent is really an asset in putting this together as is Carole Madru who has worked with Andria and the others to develop a clear and effective strategy for success.

Andria  and Teri Torchia and Nora Lopes  (our two Vista volunteers) are also working well to establish our connection with the Nauset, Dennis-Yarmouth,  and Bourne high schools.  The program is just beginning for all practical purposes, but there is a clear sense of direction and a set of tasks that will really benefit from the additional input and resources that others might provide in this context.

Development wise, Ralph Nixon and Chip Bishop have initiated some contacts with area businesses that are starting to come back as acceptances.  This will evolve very well too if we can encourage some others to engage in the effort to connect with possible donors.

With Chip's assistance, Chris Wise has organized some outreach efforts that include putting together a TV spot on Channel 17 that Terry Duenas has agreed to show periodically to build up the awareness of CapeCorps and the upcoming expo.  The show will also help reach out to those wondering how things are going with the transition of CapeCorps from the United Way to the Center for Sustainability.

Rich Brothers has spearheaded a wonderful idea to operate a  "community care day" on the Cape this year that will connect employees of companies interested to encourage their volunteer efforts on behalf of area nonprofit organizations.  A planning meeting is this Friday, and Rich has asked CapeCorps to help connect these interested volunteers to nonprofit organizations interested in their assistance.  The Community Care Day itself will likely be in May and will be promoted at the Volunteer Expo in April.

There are some other matters in stages of formation that I will fill you in on as they actually take a more defined shape.  We are beginning to find that other organizations are working to help and advise us.  As an example of something that we'll likely be able to describe more fully in a day or so, and certainly by next week's meeting, Barry Naegle and other members of his group that are participating in this year's Community Leadership Institute of Cape Cod (CLI)  have designed a project that will really help CapeCorps as well as other nonprofit organizations on the Cape. 

The next key step is the meeting next Thursday of the CapeCorps Advisory Council.  At that meeting, we intend to outline the way we have recast the organization of our effort and what the tasks are that we need to complete.  We hope to build on the efforts that you and other members of the Steering Committee have made by encouraging others to participate.  We'll also want to clearly present to other Cape nonprofits that there is a lot about this effort that will assist their organizations if we are able to firmly establish our own.

It would help this effort if you could do a couple of things.  First, please look at the list of people who have participated on the Advisory Board and encourage the ones you know to attend either by e-mailing them or calling them.  Also, please think of others who have not participated as yet who you think might be interested to consider doing so.  We need volunteers in a wide range of areas.  Lastly, please suggest other executive directors or community leaders whom you would advise me to contact about the meeting.  With a broader base of community awareness and with a more extensive level of participation across the various "fields of interest," we can really get this effort underway.  Thanks for your continuing commitment and positive contributions.

--Allen R. Larson



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