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Volunteer to Sustain Cape Cod

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Comments on the 2005 Volunteer to Sustain Cape Cod Expo


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Sharon Donegan's Expo Notes


Community Reaction to the "Joint Venture Cape Cod" Proposal



CD Launch, Hyport Brewery

The release of the CD Sampler on Monday night went very smoothly as did the entire conceptual design and production process. The CD showcases 20 Cape musical and performance artists.

The CD is on sale at several area music retail outlets including Borders and Barnes and Noble. Sales benefit four nonprofit organizations who collaborated for several months under the direction and volunteer efforts of Tony Raine of the Cape Cod Melody Tent. 

The value of this effort is more than the revenue it will generate. It is an example that others can improve upon as they share resources and energy to derive a mutual benefit. We encourage it and are interested to observe and track these other developments.--ARL


*     *     *


"I didn’t make the CD launch party, but I bought two CDs at the Expo.  Not only is it a great collaboration project, it's great music too.  Congratulations."



Breakfast, Four Points Sheraton 

Reactions to Tuesday morning's breakfast were positive. Ian Bowles of MassINC hit the mark dead center in presenting a summary of findings from their recently issued report on the region's growing nonprofit sector. 

Tony Shepley also was succinct and to the point in describing points to consider when approaching businesses for financial contributions and support. The Barnstable Patriot captured his remarks very concisely in their report on the event published on April 29 (no link as yet available).

Our keynote speaker, Bob Goodwin, presented reasons why the national Points of Light Foundation values the efforts of volunteers and is interested to assist local efforts to establish volunteer centers. His remarks resonated well with the interests of the audience.

In terms of planning this kick-off event, we compressed these speakers in too limited a period of time. The general reaction to all three was that more time would have allowed them to more easily carry their thoughts further in areas of interest to the audience.--ARL


*     *     *

"The breakfast and speakers were great. A good mix of speakers and outlooks." 

*     *     *

"The Tuesday breakfast was very nice.  I enjoyed the presentations.  Bob Goodwin in particular was very inspirational!" 

*     *     *

"The morning breakfast on Tuesday was well done.  Speakers were good." 

*     *     *

"I felt it was a very positive experience for me as a volunteer coordinator.  I attended the breakfast and found the speakers enthusiastic, positive, and inspiring."



Training Sessions

Tuesday morning's training sessions coordinated by Jane Secci of Suffolk University were very well received. The two sessions in greatest demand had to do with grant writing and how to relate to the broadcast and print media. The technology session was responsive to a narrower group of people attending. People suggested that a future session about how to attract and use volunteers effectively would really blend in to the purpose of the Expo.

Exhibitors appreciated that the training sessions were held at a time that allowed them to attend without pulling them away from the public event. This highlights a point to consider carefully regarding the level of attendance desired for the afternoon Expo. 

As we plan future events, we will assess the merits of separating the training sessions from the public Expo altogether given that they might each stand very well independently. This is a question to consider in collaboration with educational institutions like Suffolk, Stonehill, Bridgewater, UMass-Dartmouth, and Cape Cod Community College. It's also a discussion to have with area nonprofits like the Cape Cod Foundation and other professional trainers who work in the regions.--ARL


*     *     *

"The workshops were mixed. My two caseworkers went to the first grant-writing workshop (terrific) and the technology.  I went to the 'Meet the Press' workshop, and it was great!" 

*     *     *

"The workshops were excellent -- I was disappointed that I couldn't attend more of them, but that is always the case." 

*     *     *

"The Tuesday morning training sessions were excellent.  I learned a lot.  The instructors were very knowledgeable and did a great job presenting a lot of information in a limited amount of time.  I also appreciated the instructors' making themselves available for questions afterwards.  I attended the grant writing session first, then the 'meet the media' session."

*     *     *

"I would just like to acknowledge the fine work that Jane Secci did in putting together the workshops.   I stuck my head in the other workshops from time to time, and they seemed well attended with interested audiences."

*     *     *

"Very positive about workshops –- 4 stars to Alice Boyd’s and Jane Secci’s especially, liked sizes."

*     *     *

"As a whole, they thought the seminars were great and that having them before the 'crowd' was a great idea.  I'm not sure what they might want in the way of workshops in the future -- didn't think to ask." 

*     *     *

"The workshops were valuable -- especially the Technology for Nonprofits workshop."




"It would have been nice to have had a workshop on 'Working with Volunteers' or 'Volunteer Management.'"   (comments continue)


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More comments will be posted as they accumulate. 


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September 09, 2005