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March 20, 2008: Small Deeds Matter


February 1, 2008: "Anticipating Super Tuesday"


January 20, 2008: "What's in a Name"


December 18, 2007:  "The Story of Stuff"


October 8, 2007:  Collaboration: Doing More with Less


September 7, 2007:  Winds of Change


August 1, 2007:  A Way to Collaborate


July 12, 2007: Laying a Foundation


June 4, 2007:  Let the Turf Wars Begin


May 1, 2007:  Building Lives


March 27, 2006: Opportunity Expo, May 1, 2006, Cape Cod Community College


March 14, 2006:  Ideas on Sustaining Cape Cod's Water and Open Space


February 23, 2005:  Sustaining a Volunteer Center


February 7, 2005: The Pulse of Progress at Cape Corps


December 2004:  Volunteering to Sustain Cape Cod


October 2004:  The World Series


May 2004:  The Cape Cod Center for Sustainability Brokers Successful Partnerships among the Cape's Nonprofits  


April 2004:  Building the Wealth of the Cape


August 2003:  A Knuckleball of an Idea





Main Street, Bourne, and Buzzards Bay

Mission statement:   The Cape Cod Community College Educational Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports the mission of Cape Cod Community College, its students, its faculty and staff, and the community by raising and managing funds, encouraging endowments, and supporting the college's objectives.

Private donations are essential to the long-term quality and growth of the Educational Foundation. To learn more about its work and achievements or about ways you can help the foundation by volunteering or making a donation, visit their home page.