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Ascribe, The Public Interest Newswire

Purpose:  "News from the Ascribe wire covers cutting-edge developments in science, medicine, the arts and humanities, law, public policy, higher education, social issues, environmental advocacy, and other important topics of public concern. . . . By accessing the Ascribe Newswire, the media can broaden, expand and balance the voices, views and perspectives that its publications present to readers, viewers and users on a daily basis. In doing this, Ascribe Newswire has revolutionized how universities, medical centers, research labs, public-policy organizations, government agencies and philanthropic foundations get their news out efficiently and credibly."


Listening Post

"The Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies has undertaken an ambitious multi-year effort to determine how nonprofit organizations are responding to crucial challenges. Working with a number of national nonprofit intermediary organizations, the Listening Post Project has recruited 1,000 nonprofit agencies to serve as organizational "listening posts" on important pressures and changes affecting nonprofit organizations and promising responses organizations are making to them. By surveying these agencies and disseminating the resulting findings quickly to nonprofit managers, policymakers, and other researchers, this project will spur a more informed dialogue that will encourage greater experimentation among nonprofit practitioners and more effective public policy."

Foundation News and Commentary

This Web site reproduces a newsletter with an article by Zoe Baird on improving the sustainability of nonprofits.

Nonprofit Online News

"Nonprofit Online News is one of the world's most respected sources of news, information, and opinion for the online nonprofit community.
     "Nonprofit Online News follows the weblog model of short, readable items delivered on a regular basis. We provide the most recent news on the front page of our site, an email edition of the news to our subscribers, and an archive of all our past news items. Because we are a news organization and not a directory, we do not maintain old links.
     "Nonprofit Online News is a project of The Gilbert Center and has been in continuous publication since April 1997."


Harvard Business School:
Working Knowledge

For business leaders.


Nonprofit Quarterly



The nonprofit news and information resource.







































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