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Implementation Plan

The Community Foundation, the Cape Cod Center for Sustainability, and the United Way believe that the Cape & Islands Nonprofit Alliance addresses a number of questions stated in the EDC’s License Plate Small Grants Program:

  • Innovative use of Cape Cod resources:  This initiative seeks to use resources in the most effective and efficient ways possible to support the nonprofit sector and the community at large. 
  • Support the retention and/or expansion of an existing program that will help participants access training services, improve productivity, upgrade workforce skills, and foster expanded opportunities for increasing income: Support from the EDC will help to fund activities that provide training and technical assistance to staff and board members of nonprofit organizations in order to build the skills of the agency’s representatives while enhancing the effectiveness of the organization.  The CINA will also improve productivity and increase income through shared cost-saving measures. 
  • Added-value to an existing set of activities so that their economic impact and/or benefit is increased:   The various activities of the CINA will be better promoted and targeted to the nonprofit community through the combined efforts of the CINA partners and by having an easily identified umbrella organization.  Additionally, support from the EDC for the capacity-building grants, which we have been unable to offer in the past year due to a lack of funding, would greatly increase the value of the other activities that are part of the Nonprofit Support Program.  While workshops and information help many organizations with the initial steps of putting management practices in place, some organizations greatly benefit from one-to-one assistance.
  • Direct and measurable results:   Evaluation tools are included in the program delivery of each component of this initiative.  To measure the outcomes of the CINA,  short-term and long-term follow-up will be conducted to determine how the CINA has enhanced the development of a well-run and enterprising nonprofit sector.

       The Community Foundation of Cape Cod will serve as the lead organization on this initiative.   The Foundation is a charitable community trust organized as a nonprofit in 1989, with a mission to improve the quality of life for the people of Cape Cod through the support of educational and charitable programs.  The Foundation has planned and implemented the Nonprofit Support Program for six years, providing assistance to, and establishing relationships with, nonprofit organizations of every size and in every area of work.

       The Community Foundation of Cape Cod, the Cape Cod Center for Sustainability and the Cape & Islands United Way seek funding in the amount of $20,000 to assist in establishing the Cape & Islands Nonprofit Alliance.   This funding will help to support workshops, capacity-building grants, and the administration of the Cape & Islands Nonprofit Alliance.  EDC funding will help to meet matches and leverage additional funding to meet the needs of local nonprofit organizations so that they may more effectively provide services to the Cape Cod community.

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