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An overall evaluation of this program will be conducted at the end of the first year.  The CINA’s results will be assessed mostly through quantifiable measures in the first year, including such things as how many organizations are involved with the CINA and in what capacity and how many programs or activities are a part of the CINA model.  Long-term results, which would be more qualitative, would start to be measured in the second or third year.

       The Nonprofit Support Program measures its progress  in terms of both quantitative data (for example, the  number of workshops held, the number of attendees, and the number of consultant directories distributed and/or the number of conversations related to consultants to be used)  and qualitative data, which we receive through written evaluations, which are usually distributed and gathered after each workshop and formal consultation.  The Foundation uses this information to help design and refine its workshops and activities.

       To promote the activities of the CINA and Nonprofit Support Program, we will send flyers and informational materials to a list of over 550 nonprofit representatives and send press releases to all of the newspapers and radio stations.  We will also use the Executive Directors’ Roundtable network to spread the word about the CINA and its services.

Project Timetable 

March 2004 through May 2004

  • The Foundation, the Center for Sustainability,  and the United Way hold meetings with the Executive Directors’ Roundtable to discuss the CINA structure and priority areas for coming year

  • Implement two spring workshops series  

  • Update the Consultant Directory,  and  reprint and distribute it

June 2004 through August 2004

  • Develop specific guidelines for capacity-building grants and distribute them to nonprofit sector, including press releases to newspapers and radio stations

  • Research joint purchasing agreements and pooled services contracts as related to Roundtable priorities

  • Plan two to three fall workshops 

  • Convene the Quarterly Executive Directors’ Roundtable meeting; report back on information gathered

September 2004 through December 2004

  • Review capacity-building grant proposals; use organizational assessment tool with applicants that best meet criteria; award grants 
  • Hold two to three fall workshops; plan for spring workshops

  • Promote the CINA in the nonprofit community, giving particular emphasis to the benefits of becoming an “alliance member”

  • Convene the Quarterly Executive Directors’ Roundtable meeting; report back on information gathered

January 2005 through March 2005

  • Move forward on joint purchasing agreements; publicize to community

  • Hold spring workshops

  • Conduct evaluation of first year of program; refine and further develop structure of the alliance

  • Implement year 2 of the program 

  • Convene Quarterly Executive Directors’ Roundtable meeting; report back on information gathered

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