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Goals and Outcomes

 The goals of the Cape & Islands Nonprofit Alliance are outlined below.


To support the organizational development and governance expertise of nonprofit organizations so that they may better serve the Cape Cod and Islands communities

To this end, the Foundation will continue its Nonprofit Support Program, partnering with other assistance providers when appropriate, to provide workshops, roundtable meetings, technical assistance, grants, and information to the nonprofit sector related to organizational development and capacity-building issues.

The outcomes from meeting this goal will include the following:
  • Increased skills and capacity of nonprofit staff and board members in the areas of organizational development and governance, and a higher level of management across the sector

  • More effective organizational development and governance practices being implemented, thereby assisting to develop better-run nonprofits and more efficient use of resources

  • Improved networking among nonprofit organization representatives who attend workshops and roundtable meetings, leading to more cooperative programs and initiatives, and possibly to nonprofit mergers in the future


To provide a structure for nonprofit organizations to share resources and management efficiency opportunities, which will save money and use other resources more effectively

The Foundation, the Cape Cod Center for Sustainability, and United Way will work with a group of nonprofit organizations (currently the Executive Directors’ Roundtable) to develop an umbrella structure for nonprofit assistance that will include joint purchasing and pooled outsourced services opportunities that meet the needs of the nonprofit sector while saving them money.

The outcomes from meeting this goal will include the following:

  • Improved assistance to the nonprofit sector by providing a formal framework for nonprofits to tap into (that is,  one place to ask for assistance although assistance might come from various agencies)

  • Reduced operational and management costs for the nonprofit sector, which may be used to provide additional services to the community, through providing joint purchasing and pooled outsourced services opportunities to nonprofit organizations

  • More efficient purchasing and contracting practices within the nonprofit sector through the joint purchasing and/or pooled service models

To build collaborations among nonprofit organizations so that they can more effectively share resources and serve the communities of Cape Cod and the Islands

The Foundation, the Cape Cod Center for Sustainability,  and the United Way believe that one of the goals of the CINA should be to promote and encourage more collaboration among nonprofit organizations.  We believe that this will happen through such activities as training workshops, technical assistance programs,  joint purchasing, and pooled services purchasing and that these activities will promote a positive model for future collaborations within the nonprofit sector.

The outcomes from meeting this goal will include the following:

  • Creation of one, large nonprofit collaboration (alliance) for nonprofit assistance, including assistance providers, serving as a model of collaboration

  • Creation of smaller nonprofit collaborations—perhaps organized around interest areas—that can share resources for the nonprofit organizations and/or provide services to the community

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