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Page last updated October 06, 2008



Hauser Center for 
Nonprofit Organizations:  
John F. Kennedy School 
of Government, 
Harvard University

"The Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations is an interdisciplinary research center at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. The Center aims to illuminate the vital role that the nonprofit sector and nongovernmental organizations play in aiding societies to discover and accomplish important public purposes. 
     "The Center seeks to expand understanding and accelerate critical thinking about civil society among scholars, practitioners, policy makers and the general public, by encouraging scholarship, developing curriculum, fostering mutual learning between academics and practitioners, and shaping policies that enhance the sector and its role in society."


Investing in Sustainable

"Alcoa Foundation created the Social Venture Initiative (SVI) to help nonprofits manage increasing needs for their services and declining available funding. The initiative is designed to help nonprofits generate their own revenue streams using their existing resources and new entrepreneurial strategies. It consists of three initial phases:  (1) Launch in 2003 with a forum of international experts in nonprofit sustainability that will be webcast to nonprofits at Alcoa locations around the world.  (2) Request for nonprofits to submit proposals that detail their plans for sustainability. And (3), reconvene nonprofit SVI grant recipients to share lessons learned and mentor other groups of nonprofits in sustainability."



The Sustainable Nonprofit (TSN)

"The Sustainable Nonprofit (TSN) examines critical issues related to nonprofit sustainability through the eyes of nonprofit leaders, practitioners, and consultants."


Guidestar:  "True Sustainability: A New Model to Aid Nonprofits in Developing Self-Sustaining Revenue Streams"